Bulgarians are ready to spend 56% of their monthly salary for summer holidays, according to a study by Feratum Group. It examines the behavior of over 22,000 households in 17 countries. The average net income of participating households varies between EUR 827-3934, depending on the state.According to the results, the Bulgarians will spend the most money for travel in the country – 17%, for summer activities – 16%, for home and villa furnishing – 14%. An International Consumer Survey, ranks Mexico first by estimated 60% for holiday spending, followed by Bulgaria – 56%, Spain – 51%, and Latvia – 43%. The lowest expenses in this category hass Finland – 28%, and Denmark – 26%, followed by Brazil – 13%, and Romania – 12%.Group statistics also indicate that participants in the survey in Canada are most likely to spend more than 100 euros per night at a hotel. However, people from Germany, Bulgaria and Romania are more open to opportunities like AirBnb for their travel.On average, over 60% of respondents prefer to pay by card. A total of 85% of those surveyed in Sweden, Denmark and Norway will opt for a card payment.Households using mobile banking services are also increasing. Over 80% of respondents from Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada, the United Kingdom, Poland and Brazil say they will use mobile banking during this period.