After June, sales of electricity  are expected to jump even further due to the removal of an export fees.Electricity exports from Bulgaria have increased by over 42% in the first four months of the year. This is shown by the data of the Electricity System Operator. According to the state-owned company, by the end of April the electricity production has increased by over 6%. Consumption in the country, however, has increased symbolically – nearly 2 per cent.Most of the electricity in the country continues to produce the base plants – Kozloduy NPP and the heaters. For the first four months of the year, they have increased their production by nearly 13%.More serious is the growth of electricity production from small renewable energy sources. They have increased the quantities offered by 15 per cent.Surprisingly, hydroelectric power plants seriously reduced their production by nearly 40 per cent, a year earlier.Since yesterday, a planned annual repair is one of the two Kozloduy NPP units. In addition to replacing its fuel, modernization will be carried out to allow the unit to operate at a capacity of 104%.The repair is expected to close in mid-June. Until then, the largest electricity producer in the country will be the thermal power plants.It is expected that by the end of the year both the increase of the electricity production in Bulgaria and the export will continue.