As the weather gets warmer and summer draws nearer, we increasingly often dream of sea, sunny holidays and our favorite beach destinations. Meanwhile in many places in Europe and around the world, a number of restrictions remain in place because of the novel coronavirus – mandatory quarantine, curfew, closed bars and restaurants.

Three of the Bulgarians’ favorite countries for summer holidays announced when and under what conditions they will open for tourists. While there are still a lot of uncertainties, summer is looming large if you like to spend your vacation in Greece, Italy or Spain.

See what is known so far about opening borders for tourists and keep in mind that early bookings this year make sense more than any other time.


Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said he expects tourism in Italy to be able to pick up momentum in mid-May when travel between regions is allowed. The country has announced its intention to use the pan-European health passport for tourists travel within the country, but there are no details yet on the specific rules for foreigners entering Italy.

Do you miss the country of pizza and choice wines?


The official opening of the tourist season in Greece is scheduled for May 15, although many Bulgarians have already traveled to our southern neighbor over the Easter holidays.

Since May 3, the cafes and restaurants in the country have opened for the first time after 6-month lockdown.


Spain announced in June that it would open its borders to tourists who have digital Covid-19.certificates.

In May, the country’s airports began testing a pass-through mode with this type of document. It certifies whether the passenger has been given a vaccine, has had the disease in recent months or has taken a PCR test. The certificate is yet to be introduced across the EU.

The country hopes to have vaccinated 70% of the adult population by the end of the summer.