Mass dissatisfaction in various industries after the new order of the Ministry of Health. A “green” certificate will be needed almost everywhere. Owners of restaurants, nightclubs, sport arenas and gyms have announced a boycott of the new measures. Even the theaters have concerns about how they will handle the situation.

“The good idea of “green “certificates was ruined by yesterday’s order. The state did not listen to business. We also wanted the state administration to be involved and the antibody tests to be recognized. They had to be recognized for at least a few months,” said Richard Alibegov.

“We feel completely abandoned by the state. We reduce the capacity by approximately 80%, because the vaccination in Bulgaria is about 20%. We cannot pay salaries and social security contributions. Also electricity. All this is disastrous”, added Atanas Dimitrov from BHRA.

“A very large part of society is not registered in the system as having the disease. However, they have antibodies and tests for their detection must be recognized,” the industry said.

“Guests will need to show a ticket and a certificate. It is not clear how we will have to verify these documents. If someone gets sick, he can make claims to us that we made a mistake during the inspection”, says the director of the Bulgarian Army Theater Miroslav Pashov.

Dissatisfaction is also growing in Kyustendil. Stanislav Georgiev, who owns a restaurant, believes that only if 50-60% of people are vaccinated should there be “green certificates.”