The Covid-19 situation in Bulgaria is under control, Health Minister Kostadin Angelov said on August 14, according to a report by Bulgarian National Radio.

There were no concerns that hospitals would be left lacking beds, protective equipment or disinfectants, he said.

“We have no worries about the inability of medical institutions to deal with this situation,” Angelov said.

He urged the public to act as responsibly as possible, both for their own sakes and those of their relatives, especially over-65s who have chronic illnesses.

An August 14 statement by the Health Ministry said that Angelov held video conference talks with the directors of all regional health inspectorates in the country.

This will be a weekly practice, to keep up to date about the situation in each directorate and about any possible new problems that would require co-ordination with the Health Ministry, the statement said.

“To date, all regional health inspectorates, as well as emergency centres and medical facilities in the respective areas, have sufficient quantities and reserves of personal protective equipment and disinfectants. There are a sufficient number of beds for patients with Covid-19 in all administrative districts,” the Health Ministry said.

The number of active cases of Covid-19 in Bulgaria has decreased by 248 in the past 24 hours to a total of 4684, according to data posted on August 14 by the national information system.

There are 824 patients in hospital, 10 fewer than as at the August 13 update. Sixty-three are intensive care, one fewer than as at the August 13 update.