The chiefs of seven police departments in Sofia are being replaced after the inspections provoked by the investigation into the cases involving Georgi Semerdzhiev and the “Ring Road” accident. This was announced by Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev.

He specified that the people who will be replaced did not provide police protection in these cases, but also did not take the necessary actions to prevent such incidents.

“The people we are going to replace did not put an umbrella over anyone, but they did not carry out the necessary control either, they did not establish actions that would not lead to a case like the one with Georgi Semerdzhiev, like the other case with the Ring Road disaster,” he said.

The casts cover Second District Police Station, Third DPS, Fourth DPS, Fifth DPS, Sixth DPS, Seventh DPS and Eighth DPS. The new chiefs of the police departments were elected on the proposal of the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Petar Todorov.

There will also be a change of leadership in the Kyustendil Regional Directorate (RD) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), which will be taken over by the previous deputy director.

“Senior Commissioner Svetoslav Grigorov allowed himself to rudely break the rules, he allowed himself to lie directly to my face,” said Demerdzhiev and added that during the pre-election period, Commissioner Grigorov met with “sufficiently high-ranking” representatives of GERB.

Demerdzhiev commented that the line of political appointments should not continue in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“Without casting, there is no way to ensure good organization in the regional offices of the Metropolitan Directorate of Internal Affairs”, he also said.