“The assassination attempt against Ivan Geshev is not staged, but hypotheses and conspiracies are spreading in the public space, which confuses the public”. This was stated by the deputy director of the National Investigation Service, Yasen Todorov.

He quotes the initial conclusions of the Bulgarian experts, as well as of an Israeli specialist in the fight against terrorism. The expert from Israel did not participate in the inspection, but he got to know the case visually.

“The general opinion is that we are dealing with a very well-prepared and organized attempt aimed at the physical elimination of a certain person or persons. An explosion in a place suitable to inflict damage on passing vehicles with a huge striking force. If the hit was in the right place and on a vehicle with insufficient protection, the victims would probably have been more than one or two,” he said.

Israel and other partner services have offered assistance in the investigation of the attack and the Bulgarian investigative authorities are ready to take advantage of this assistance if needed. Todorov also commented on the claims that the crater after the explosion was too shallow.

“A crater can be there when there is a downward directed blast. When there is a directed blast intended to hit passing vehicles, the impact force will be directed sideways, not downward,” he said.

The deputy director of the investigation commented that he expected the investigation to take a long time. The results of the appointed examinations are still awaited. The preliminary opinion is that the shock wave was very strong and the speed at which the shells were fired was ten times the speed at which an automatic weapon fires.

“We are running against the wind and we will have to outrun it if we want a result.”

All versions are being worked on, as the investigators aim to identify everyone in the chain – perpetrators, intermediaries, guarantors.

Todorov also commented that the case is being used politically by people who aim for dividends only for themselves, and that, unfortunately, he found that the morals of our society are clearly quite low.

“I suggest to these judicial reformers, who also happen to be great experts in explosions, if it comes to an investigative experiment, that they get involved in it by getting into a car and driving through the moment we reproduce the explosion, that happened,” said Todorov.