The number of countries imposing travel restrictions is growing. As of this week, the Czech Republic wants coronavirus tests for Bulgarian seasonal workers. Denmark allows Bulgarians on its territory only if they have an address registration there, an employment contract or a document certifying a business trip.

As of today, people who have visited Bulgaria and Romania in the last 14 days are subject to mandatory quarantine in Italy. In Finland, entry is only for a “valid reason”.

Mandatory home quarantine in Austria, despite a negative PCR test. This is already required for those entering Germany. For the next 14 days, access to southern Romania was denied without good reason. And Greece has tightened measures even more along its land borders.

Belgium, Lithuania and Netherlands with Quarantine for Bulgarians

From Tuesday, those traveling by plane from Bulgaria to Greece will have to present to the Greek border authorities a negative result from a PCR test for coronavirus, performed up to 72 hours before their entry into our southern neighbor, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.

They added that only passengers who have a certificate for such a test will be allowed in the country. It must be issued in English and contain the three names and numbers of the passenger’s passport or identity card. The authorities in our southern neighbor will not accept certificates that do not meet these requirements

“Travelers should be tested in the laboratory by RT-PCR by taking secretions from the mouth or nose. Tests for coronavirus will be recognized if they are performed in national reference laboratories, national health laboratories or private laboratories that are accredited by the relevant national accreditation bodies (not necessarily specifically for COVID-19).

The measure does not apply to Greek citizens, citizens residing in Greece and travelers for significant professional reasons.

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs also announced that on Tuesday, July 28, and Wednesday, July 29, passengers who did not have time to be tested before their trip will be tested by the competent Greek authorities upon arrival in Greece.

The requirement for citizens traveling by plane to Greece to fill in at least 24 hours in advance an electronic Passenger Location Form (PLF) generating a QR code, which they present to the Greek authorities upon entering the country, remains in force. More information is published on

At the moment there is no change in the requirements for crossing the land borders between Bulgaria and Greece. “Travelers to Greece across the land border, regardless of their citizenship, must also fill in an electronic passenger localization form (PLF) generating a QR code at least 24 hours before arrival,” the Foreign Ministry explained.

The closure of the Ilinden, Kapitan Petko Voyvoda and Makaza checkpoints has increased traffic across the border near Petrich. There are no problems with the transition. There are no queues of trucks. All those waiting go to sea in Greece. Travelers wait about an hour and a half to cross the Tower.

Three of the points on the Bulgarian-Greek border are working. Only “Ilinden – Exohi” and this part of Ivaylovgrad are closed. This was explained in NOVA by Prof. Joachim Kalamaris.