“Bulgaria and our Black Sea coast will be one of the safest places in Europe. We will take advantage of this, but we must continue to comply with the measures, such as conscious lifestyle, personal hygiene and distance, “said Dr. Angel Kunchev, a member of the National Operational Headquarters for Coronavirus at his regular morning briefing.

He also gave details about the spread of the disease around the world. “Today, the United States is likely to reach 100,000 deaths from COVID-19, a very sad statistic, but also a fact,” Kunchev said.

“In the Balkans, Turkey, as the country with the largest population, continues to lead in morbidity. In Serbia we have 34 new cases and 1 deceased. In Romania there are 213 new cases, 20 deaths. In Greece – 4 new cases, 1 deceased. Bosnia and Herzegovina – 5, two died. But in general, the situation in the Balkans is very good and optimistic”, said Dr. Kunchev.

“Last week gave us an example that even in an organized country like Germany – a private gathering and a religious gathering led to two outbreaks with a large number of infected people”, the expert reminded.