“Russian President Vladimir Putin’s behavior seems hysterical and poorly thought out. He feels cornered and is frantically looking for solutions”, commented the former interior minister and head of State Agency for National Security (SANS) Tsvetlin Yovchev.

According to him, if Putin does not see a way out of this situation, the tension will escalate. Yovchev emphasized that even pro-government Russian media are already criticizing the mobilization.

“If we proceed from the expectations of rational behavior, a nuclear weapon should not be used by Russia. This is a threat that aims to reduce the aid of European countries and the USA to Ukraine. And to send clear signals inside Russia”, explained the former interior minister.

The political crisis in Bulgaria is the factor that increases the risk of all threats to the greatest extent, according to the former interior minister. According to him, the state is not adequate and is not able to implement the necessary measures to protect national security.

“We are showing an inability to deal with crises,” Tsvetlin Yovchev said.