The interest of foreign tourists to the destinations located in the interior of Bulgaria is growing.
Unfortunately, the trend of the Ministry of Tourism not being interested in tourism in the mountains. However, this does not hinder tourists, said Lyubomir Popyordanov, chairman of the Alternative Tourism Association. He urged us to give people a chance in the villages by visiting them and thus even turning our vacation into something different. Thus, according to Popiordanov, we will keep the Bulgarians in Bulgaria. In his words, the interest in the sea has not affected the interior of the country, except in terms of reputation, which is a significant problem.

“This year, we are seeing continued sustainable growth in foreign tourists’ interest in the country, which is related to cheap flights, but because we still have a good price-quality ratio, and the guest house remains an interesting investment option. On this concept, they continue to be interesting both for investment and for tourism, and in fact, the mountains are full – there are many events and concerts, even in the farthest villages, people are beginning to look for events, even in chalets, “he said.

It is a wonderful endeavor to keep the Bulgarians in a country to give them another look at things, instead of looking for permanent vacations abroad. And even for tourists who come for a few days in Bulgaria, they also come out of the classic destinations for cultural tourism. We have much more than big cities and this is known and is being sought. That has a perspective, “added Popiordanov.