Germany has eased its rules for people arriving from Bulgaria, removing obligatory quarantine for those who have been vaccinated, undergone Covid-19 or have a negative PCR test for the illness, according to Bulgaria’s national information system.

The negative PCR test may be presented up to 48 hours after arriving in Germany, according to the national information system statement.

The relevant immunisation certificate or document certifying that the person has had Covid-19 may be required by the authorities before the start of the journey, the statement said.

The requirements regarding testing and certificates do not apply to children younger than six, and aircraft crews.

Registration in Germany’s electronic system is mandatory, at

The national information system said that Italy has lifted the mandatory quarantine for those arriving from Bulgaria between May 16 and July 30, but they must present a “green certificate” showing that they have a negative PCR or antigen test done no more than 48 hours before entering the country.

Those who do not present a negative test must go into 10-day quarantine, at the close of which they must be tested again, the statement said.

Those arriving from Bulgaria must fill in an electronic form in advance, to be found at

There are exceptions to the test and quarantine requirements, in certain cases, but only if there are no symptoms of new coronavirus.

These exceptions include crews of transport vehicles, arrivals from List A countries – San Marino and the Vatican, entry into Italy for no more than 120 hours for proven reasons related to work, health or absolute urgency, at the end of which the person must leave Italy immediately or go into quarantine, cross-border workers travelling for work, staff of undertakings that have their principal or secondary residence in Italy, travel abroad for proven work-related reasons, for a period not exceeding 120 hours, EU or international staff, diplomatic agents, administrative and technical staff of diplomatic and consular missions, military personnel, pupils and students attending classes at an educational establishment located in a country other than the country of residence and to which they return at least once a week.

The national information system said that Bulgarian citizens travelling to Romania will no longer be subject to quarantine if they are vaccinated against coronavirus or show a negative PCR test for Covid-19.

The test must be done up to 72 hours before boarding the vehicle (for public transport passengers) or entering Romania (for private transport passengers).

At least 10 days must have elapsed since the arrival in the country after the immunisation. A vaccination certificate must be presented.

Certain categories are also not subject to quarantine in Romania, including drivers of lorries with a maximum permissible capacity of more than 2.4 tons, drivers of vehicles for the transport of persons with more than nine seats, including the driver’s seat.

Exceptions to quarantine include pilots of aircraft and flight crews, locomotive mechanics and railway staff, and cross-border workers.

In all other cases, a 14-day quarantine applies when entering Romania, the national information system said.