Economist Miyka Zaykova predicts inflation of 25% -30%. According to her, the state must find in time alternative suppliers of the products we have imported from Russia so far and negotiate affordable prices. Otherwise, bankruptcies are expected.

“This 8.4% inflation, which was calculated by Eurostat or 10% of the NSI – this is the smoothed index. There are no fluctuations in product prices. I want to tell you that inflation is less than 25% -30%, I simply can’t expect that,” Miyka Zaykova told BNT.

According to her, inflation will continue to rise.

“In this situation and our unpreparedness, it will grow and if someone thinks that…see in June it will begin to fall…I do not agree because there are no prerequisites for basic resources – strategic goods, except energy, to fall. Second – you see, that product prices are rising. There is speculation – yes, but there are reasons to rise,” said Zaykova.