The UK will not tolerate any European Union compliance requirements, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz during talks in London, a spokesman for the prime minister’s office told RIA Novosti.

“The EU has respected the autonomy of other major economies around the world such as Canada and Japan when signing trade deals with them. We just want the same,” Johnson’s Downing Street office said on Twitter.

“We agree the UK’s trade with the EU is significant. The U.S.’s is on the same scale — yet that did not stop the EU being willing to offer the U.S. zero tariffs without the kind of level playing field commitments or the legal oversight they have put in today’s mandate.”

In the talks, Johnson and Kurtz emphasized the need for living and working opportunities for Austrians living in the UK and respectively the British in Austria.

“The leaders also discussed the need for the international community to take action on climate change before the United Nations Climate Summit in the UK this year,” a statement said.

The UK left the EU on January 31, the transition period will end later this year.