Lufthansa decided to ground about 700 aircraft or nearly 92% of its 763 aircraft fleet by April 19 due to lower demand triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic according to a statement from the largest German airline.

The company’s subsidiaries have ceased their service, ending their flight operations until March 28.

“The spread of the coronavirus has placed the entire global economy and our company as well in an unprecedented state of emergency. At present, no one can foresee the consequences,” said Carsten Spohr, Chairman of the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. “We have to counter this extraordinary situation with drastic and sometimes painful measures. At the same time, we must live up to the special responsibility that airlines bear in their home countries. We are doing everything we can to bring as many passengers as possible home on relief flights. In addition, we are doing our utmost to help ensure that supply chains for many thousands of businesses do not break down by mobilising additional capacity for air freight transport. The longer this crisis lasts, the more likely it is that the future of aviation cannot be guaranteed without state aid.”