Many vineyards have been affected by hail before the grape harvest, said Krasimir Koev, Executive Agency on Vine and Wine (EAVW), in an interview with Focus News Agency. 
Koev said there was a period of intense hail activity almost daily and vineyards in some areas were partially or completely damaged. “Some vineyards suffered 80% damage, others – 20-30%, it’s different. The cloud passes in a way that hits some completely, others peripherally,” he explained. “This year, farmers will not be able to fully harvest their grapes, they got damaged both by disease and hail,” Koev said, adding that the latest vines affected by hail were in the area of Kresna.
On the other hand, grapes that were well taken care of and were not affected by hail or diseases will be of high quality, both for white and red varieties, he said.