Bulgaria’s candidacy for membership of the UN Human Rights Council in the period 2024-2026 was presented today by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mariya Gabriel.

“We have always advocated the protection of human rights as the main priority of Bulgarian foreign policy. Over the years, we have actively worked to strengthen multilateralism and build a just international order that puts human rights at its center”, Gabriel said. She noted that this became particularly evident during the country’s first membership in the UN Human Rights Council 2019-2021, when, with the efforts of Bulgaria, a resolution was adopted focusing attention on children with disabilities for the realization of their rights through inclusive education.

Gabriel pointed out that as a future member of the council, Bulgaria makes four commitments – measures and policies aimed at combating all forms of discrimination and intolerance; promoting the inclusion of women and girls in leadership positions in all spheres of life; protection of children’s rights, including the right to universal access to education for every child; participation in international efforts in the fight against disinformation, promotion of media freedom and protection of journalists.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister stated that for the realization of these commitments, Bulgaria will rely on the other member states of the UN, representatives of civil society, and social partners.