“The Unification has several historical lessons that we must remember if we are to evolve. Until recently, the liberator of Bulgaria became the biggest opponent of the Unification”.

This was said by Prime Minister Academician Nikolai Denkov at the ceremony to celebrate the 138th anniversary of the Unification between the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia in front of the mausoleum-ossuary of Prince Alexander I Battenberg in Sofia.

The first lesson, according to the Prime Minister, is that “the greatest victories can be achieved in a peaceful way, if we use the methods of diplomacy correctly, if we find allies, if we know what we are fighting for, and we have a common goal”.

The second lesson is that “even if we have to defend with blood what we have achieved, because the Bulgarian Unification would not have been successful if the Bulgarian army failed to repel the aggressor at the necessary moment”. The third lesson is that “we must look to our ideals and our interests, and not obey those of others. We must remember this lesson and remember that our national ideal is no match for foreign countries. We must clearly define the goals and common tasks that lead us to the future, and not look back and look at the past, which will never return”, added academician Denkov.