“Bulgaria has started equipping the coast guard with missiles”. This was announced by Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov, specifying that the goal is “that no one dares to approach our Black Sea cities”. The Prime Minister said this during the form in which he answers questions put to him by users on Facebook.

Denkov emphasized that Bulgaria must develop its naval forces so that they are sufficiently prepared to defend the country. The reason for his comment was the tension in the Black Sea caused by Russian aggression in Ukraine.

“At the moment we do not see a direct threat to Bulgarian ports, but force is answered with force. That is why we have started buying missiles for the coast guard, so that no one dares to approach our Black Sea cities,” he said, recalling the Russian shelling of Varna in 1915, carried out by water.

According to him, the national interest of Bulgaria is that the front line and the aggressor in the face of Russia be as far as possible from the country’s borders. This was also the reason why Bulgaria supported Ukraine in all possible ways.

“Russian politicians have repeatedly said that after Ukraine, the Baltic republics and Moldova follow. It is high time that the Bulgarian citizens open their eyes that there is an aggressor who wants to regain imperial influence,” added Denkov.

The Prime Minister clarified that there is no way Bulgaria can work with Russia on any energy projects, especially related to the “Belene” NPP.

In his words, “the aggressor will be under European sanctions for many years” and therefore it is best for the country to sell the equipment of the unrealized nuclear power plant to Ukraine, which is showing interest.