Negotiations between the Ministry of Economy and the German manufacturer Next E.Go Mobile were finalized very quickly, announced Minister Kiril Petkov.

“I have to thank the whole team of the ministry because they worked on the weekends, they did the amazing thing to make it happen in such a short time. I think this should be an example of the development of Bulgaria. We should not act slowly and other countries should beat us, on the contrary, we should be positive, aggressive, Bulgaria can, Bulgaria deserves it “, he said.

The plant will be located in the town of Lovech on the site of the empty site of the Balkan plant for years. “Lovech needs just such a manufacturer of electric cars. I very much hope to revive the traditions in Lovech in industrialization in this way, but with products of the future “, the Minister pointed out.

“In terms of incentives for this investment, not a single euro, not a single lev will be given by the Bulgarian side before the first car is produced. In reality, the incentives with which we will support this company will come when they produce 10 thousand and sell 10 thousand. The second stage will be 20,000 cars manufactured in Bulgaria and sold in Europe. For the first time, we are doing so that the Bulgarian state does not take risks, but at the same time stimulates and attracts foreign investors.I would make this deal as a private investor, and now I have done it on behalf of the Bulgarian taxpayers with the same approach “, said Minister Petkov.

He boasted that Bulgaria has managed to attract investors in competition with three neighboring countries. We kept the victory not because of the offered incentives, but with added value.

“The real reason for choosing Bulgaria is that a lot of the added value and their suppliers are here,” said Minister Petkov, adding: “That’s why cluster strategies work because when you have suppliers who are located a few kilometers away from you, the chance to you decide to make a factory there is much bigger ”.

Credit: BGNES