The sailing regatta “Cor Carolli 2020” started on August 13. This year the start of the prestigious international competition was given in the coastal city of Bourgas, and the end point is the bay in Varna.

This year’s edition of the “Cor Caroli” regatta started with spectacular races in the Burgas Bay. Residents and guests of the seaside city could watch the sailing race with the naked eye.

Plamen Georgiev, Chief Judge of the regatta: The first is the yacht that has the best number, according to which the corrected time is measured and arrives in the shortest time over the entire distance at a windy-leeward race distance. And this is one of the coastal races we will do.

The “Cor Caroli” regatta is being held for the 20th year in a row. This summer, however, due to the pandemic, fewer foreigners have applied to participate.

Captain Toma Tomov, organizer of the regatta: There are two Ukrainian boats. There are many boats under a foreign flag, but these are Bulgarian boats under a foreign flag, unfortunately. The tradition should continue, the tradition should be maintained. This sport should continue to be promoted.

About 40 sailing yachts with crews of a total of 250 people will compete for two days in the Bourgas Bay, and then finish in Varna over the weekend.