All EU Member States, except Bulgaria and Romania, have introduced a European system of traceability for counterfeiting medicinal products over 95 percent, Deyan Denev – chairman of the Bulgarian Organization for the Verification of Medicines said.

“In recent weeks, there has been a more intensive process of connecting pharmacies, and not only do connected pharmacies check much more packaging than they have before but unfortunately there is still a large percentage of unrelated pharmacies left. Hopefully, in September that will be finally overcome because in the summer, it is more difficult for the major changes to be made “

The President of the Association of Pharmacies in Bulgaria Nikolay Kostov predicts that not all pharmacies in Bulgaria will be able to implement the tracking system for counterfeiting medicines.

“There are a lot of small pharmacies that do not care, and it makes no sense to do so because they just have a very symbolic income. They work in a pharmacy on their own, they have a completely different organization, but they are important from a social point of view. There are also pharmacies that have already closed. When they start fining and checking them, it is most likely that they will close too. We are struggling to have pharmacies in small towns, on the other hand, we are destroying them with some such acts, “he said. .