The trips of Bulgarian citizens abroad increased in April for the second consecutive month, after March in which for the first time in a year there was an increase.

In April, in the conditions of the continuing epidemic situation, the trips of Bulgarians abroad are 271 thousand, the data of the National Statistical Institute (NSI) showed.

For comparison, in March they were 251,000, or 9% more on an annual basis. And in February, the trips of Bulgarian citizens abroad decreased to 215 thousand, or 46% less than last year.

There is still no movement in the visits of foreigners in Bulgaria,  the data reveals. In April, there were 282 thousand, with transit crossings accounting for 61% (174 thousand) of all visits by foreigners in the country. According to national statistics, they are smaller and on a monthly basis, as foreign visits in March were 288 thousand.

Of the total number of foreigners who visited Bulgaria in April, the share of citizens of the European Union is close to 38%, or 106 thousand, with the largest number of visits from Romania – 47%, Greece – 15%, Germany – 9%, and Poland – 7%.

The visits of citizens from the group “Other European countries” are 141 thousand, or 50% of all visits to Bulgaria.

The largest number of visits outside EU are registered from Turkey – 81 thousand, or 57% of the visits from this group. Holiday and vacation was the purpose of barely 11%  of the visits in Bulgaria, with other purposes were 68% and for business purposes – nearly 20%.