The ski resort of Pamporovo has been attracting tourists for years, though not just in winter but during the warm months of the year as well, with its modern spa centres, outdoor swimming pools, as well as the sports opportunities it offers and the numerous hiking routes in the Rhodope Mountain.

As of this summer the proprietors in Pamporovo, one of Bulgaria’s most popular mountain resorts, are launching an innovative holistic project, a combination of climate therapy, forest therapy, a healthy diet, curative procedures etc. The focus is on the health of people with chronic ailments, as well as post-Covid recovery. 

A medical centre equipped with cutting-edge equipment, and offering different health recovery programmes opened at one of the most popular local hotel complexes at the beginning of July. 

The beneficial effect of the climate conditions in the Rhodopes has been well known for a long time. The air there is rich in negative ionization, up to 40 times higher than in cities, as well as in phytoncides which are beneficial to the immune system. Typically for this part of the Rhodopes there are many sunny days, humidity is low and fog and mist is an extremely rare occurrence.