A Plovdiv investor is planning to raise a new skyscraper near the tallest building in Bulgaria – Capital Fort, located on the Tsarigradsko shosse boulevard in Sofia. The entrepreneur, Dr. Malek Nasser, who has lived in Bulgaria since the 1980s, is preparing to invest in a new 90-meter building on Copenhagen Boulevard in the heart of the city. “Druzhba 2”, the site of Marica.bg reported.

According to the media, the project managed by Nasser Eurobuild-M1 will work together with the company Gert Grup, which works on other projects in the City under the hills. In his words, the plot on which the skyscraper will be built is already bought. “The area in Druzhba 2 is a high-rise building, we have purchased land of 6 decares, we are currently developing the detailed plan and the technical project We are fighting for high construction – over 90 meters If we fail to protect these parameters, we will go up to 50 meters, “he told Marica.bg. The project will be in close proximity to Tsarigradsko shosse and will have parking on three underground levels. Meanwhile, the company of Dr. Nasser is also working on a project in our sea capital. In Varna “Eurobuild – M1” makes a residential complex with 214 apartments and just as many parking lots. It will have a total area of ​​30, 000 square meters. The complex includes 3 buildings, which will be located on the Varna Vazrazhdane Boulevard.