Ozon Entertainment Ltd., which manages Ozone.bg’s electronic equipment store, wants to buy the Pulsar electronics store chain.

Ozone has contacted the Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) to authorize the acquisition of Pulsar, the commission said in a press release.

The company’s request is for the CPC to assess the concentration and decide whether the deal can have an impact on effective competition in the retail consumer electronics market nationwide.

Ozone.bg is part of the local electronic market since 2013. In the beginning, the e-shop was mainly engaged in the marketing of computer games and accessories, soon after its business grew and the offer books and more. For the year 2018 the company Ozone Entertainment has revenues of BGN 15.7 million and profit of BGN 218 thousand.

Pulsar is the last big video game retailer in Bulgaria. The company relies heavily on its physical stores, which are located in shopping malls in larger cities. For 2018, the company has revenues of nearly BGN 10 million and profit of BGN 55 thousand.