The Ministry of Defense is looking for a solution to continue the operation of the MiG-29 aircraft through repair and/or delivery with the support of Poland. Defense Minister Dimitar Stoyanov said this in response to a parliamentary question.

At the beginning of August, a request for the purchase or repair of 6 engines was sent to the Polish side. As a result of the meetings held, Poland undertook the repair of the six engines, said Minister Stoyanov.

He also announced that the Polish Ministry of Defense has decided to decommission one MiG-29 aircraft and prepare its engines for sale to Bulgaria.

“The Ministry of Defense has received information that Poland will present an offer and a draft contract next week,” added Minister Stoyanov.

Regarding the repair of the 6 engines, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2022, the Ministry of Defense has sent a draft intergovernmental agreement to the Polish side.

“The conclusion of such an agreement will probably require a little more time, taking into account the need for subsequent ratification by the National Assembly”, explained Minister Stoyanov.

“The step taken by the caretaker government to purchase two and possibly repair 6 engines does not guarantee the long-term operation of the MiG-29 aircraft, but aims to ensure the training of the flight crew at an acceptable level until the end of 2023,” explained Minister Stoyanov.