“The continuing resistance of the Netherlands against the admission of Bulgaria to the Schengen area without border control does not change the intentions of our country”, said the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Kostadin Kodjabashev.

According to him, the resolution of the Dutch Parliament is only of a recommendatory nature:

“The resolution adopted by the Dutch Parliament does not change our intentions or reduce our efforts to accept our country in the Schengen area by the end of the year. This resolution is of a recommendatory nature, especially since the report that came out on October 26, categorically says that both Bulgaria and Romania meet absolutely all the conditions necessary for full membership in the Schengen area, so we continue the dialogue at all levels, including with representatives of the Netherlands, so that we can succeed with the set goal – on December 9 this year, the Council of the European Union unanimously supports the membership of both countries in Schengen,” said the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Kostadin Kojabashev.