“Even in the face of a pandemic, we are building. Bulgaria is a beautiful country, but it’s hard to implement construction projects here,“ stated Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, who inspected the construction of the Hemus Motorway from a helicopter.

“This motorway will change the Bulagria‘s northwest for decades to come,” Borissov pointed out. The Prime Minister reminded that Hemus construction costs over BGN 2 billion.

He stressed that he wants Bulgarians to know that our builders show world-level quality.

“Can you see how many “busy bees” are working out there,” the Prime Minister said watching the workers on the motorway.

Borissov said that attention should also be paid to other facilities are along the motorway, referring to the bridges that are being built. So that no one could say afterwards that it was easy to build, the Prime Minister stressed once again.

In 3-4 months you will see the difference, Borisov was adamant.

We remind that yesterday the Prime Minister was in Varna, where he again quoted his promise to complete Hemus motorway project.

On October 4, 2019, Borisov promised that he would quit politics when he finishes Hemus construction.