Bulgaria‘s Minister of Labor and Social Policy Denitsa Sacheva has issued a new order on the compensation for those employed in businesses temporarily suspended because of Coved-19 epidemic, the Ministry announced.

The previous order provided a fixed daily compensation of BGN 24. As of January 1, 2021, it is 75% of the social security income for October 2020.

The document is updated following the order of the Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov to extend the anti-epidemic measures introduced. It concerns workers on unpaid leave.

According to the order, workers in bars, taverns, wineries, beer gardens, cafes, language and education centers, other training centers and schools, vocational colleges, as well as employees in tourist companies will be able to receive compensation till 31 January.

Until 31 January, workers in all outlets which are located in big shopping centers of Mall type, with the exception of grocery stores, drugstores, opticians and pet shops, whose activity has not ceased will receive compensations. Until the same date, financial support is provided for employees in gaming halls and casinos, as well as in hairdressers and beauty salons, including those located inmalls.

Staff at cinema theaters, disco clubs, piano and nightclubs, and other indoor night recreation facilities can also apply for compensation until 31 January 2021. The economic activities related to concerts, creation and presentation of live performances such as opera, operetta, circus and other stage works, directors, producers, stage designers, costume designers and lighting technical specialists, as well as workers in sectors related to all collective and individual sports events of a training and competitive nature and those working in solariums, saunas, weight loss and massage salons are also entitled to compensations.

Staff of private kindergartens and nurseries, as well as museums can receive compensation until 3 January 2021 as they resumed their activity on January 4.