This small stretch of 11 km is extremely important for Bulgaria. First, we end the Turkish Stream 2 saga – whether or not it will pass through us. We are beginning the Balkan Stream”, said Prof. Atanas Tasev, an energy expert, in the studio of BNT’s Morning Block.

According to him, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has made “geopolitical sense” in the Balkan Stream.

Prof. Atanas Tasev, Energy Expert: This is the stream that unites us, because what has not been shown, this Balkan stream is already recognized by Serbia, Hungary and the Russian side, which is the most important.

Prof. Tasev stressed that with this 11 km stretch and the readiness of 140 km along the land and sea part of Turkish Stream 2, whatever happens in the Russia-Ukraine relations, from January 1 we will receive the necessary quantities gas, which is about 3.5 billion annually.

Prof. Atanas Tasev, Energy Expert: The other thing that matters is that we turn the gas flow from north to south, from south to north, ie. we are increasing the role of the southern gas corridor.

Prof. Tasev noted that the most important thing is that we remain on the gas map of Europe. According to him, the revenue part of the transit through the Balkan gas pipeline alone will be higher than the revenue on the Trans-Balkan gas pipeline on an annual basis.