The most interesting projects developed at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, ready to give a start to a successful business were presented at the Science for Business forum.

For the first time, the Bulgarian vaccine against COVID-19, PCR test kits, a device for dry-mist air disinfection, bioceramics based on a space technology and many others were introduced.

One of the long-awaited business events – Science for the Business forum, organized by the Executive Agency for the Promotion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (BSMEPA) and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), was held live and entirely online from a virtual studio and presented the most interesting developments of the Academy, ready to help launch a successful business.

The opening ceremony was attended online by Deputy Minister of Economy Mr. Stamen Yanev, Ms. Karina Angelieva, Deputy Minister of Education and Science, as well as by Acad. Julian Revalski, President of BAS, and Dr. Boyko Takov, Executive Director of BSMEPA.

The Bulgarian vaccine against COVID-19, developed at the Institute of Microbiology with BAS was “premiered”. It was presented by Prof. Penka Petrova, who told more about its chracteristics, among which is the possibility of being stored at a temperature of 4 C, the ability to help immune response to various virus mutations, and also be sprayed in, unlike the vaccines currently in use which are injected.

In addition to the vaccine, other projects of BAS related to the pandemic, such as the Bulgarian-made PCR test kit for the detection of pathogens developed by the Institute of Molecular Biology, as well as a special device that clears the air from viruses and bacteria, a project of the Central Laboratory of Applied Physics – Plovdiv have been promoted.

Apart from the projects related to the Covid-19 pandemic, nearly 20 presentations were dedicated to a special technology for bioceramic materials applied in endoprostheticsused on the International Space Station, designed by the Institute of Space Research and Technology, as well as a demonstration of a robot that enables the transportation of goods in enterprises and factories. In addition to them were shown more projects of the Academy for optimization of industrial tasks, 3D Digitization, energy efficiency, hydrogen technologies, ecology, electro- and heat generation, energy storage, medicine, virology, pharmaceutical industry, viticulture, winemaking and many others.

In front of over 500 spectators – business representatives, company owners and innovation enthusiasts, were demonstrated other technologies for cryopreservation of living matter – spermatozoids, the project of the Institute of Solid State Physics, as well as good examples of cooperation between the business and the Academy and products manufactured in partnership were shown.

The main mission of Business for Science forum is to help build a sustainable institutional environment for cooperation and interaction between the Bulgarian academic and business communities, with the organizers aiming to pursue the initiative with more events from the Science for Business series.

See a full footage of the event on the YouTube channel of BSMEPA – SME Government.

The event is organized with the support of Enterprise Europe Network – Bulgaria.