The new cabinet will try to make Bulgaria a slightly more western-looking place. It will make modernization in every sphere – administration, digitalization, catching up with the other European countries, said the executive director of Gallup International Balkan Parvan Simeonov to BNR.

According to him, the cabinet is quite cautious and not in a hurry.

“We see that it (the government) is not rushing to do some things, but first analyzes, which is the logical option,” Simeonov said of the sociologists’ conclusions from the first actions of the quadruple coalition, led by “We Continue to Change.”

“It is difficult for a coalition government to make quick and drastic reforms, even Kiril Petkov pointed out that the moratorium is a temporary action,” he added.

The sociologist reminded that blue and red are gathered in one place, so such a government cannot have a huge scope, because it is based on compromise. The massive scale is partly part of the populist rhetoric of the protests.

“Now that the time has come for work, they really need to be careful and think. Because the step with the moratorium is proof of what can happen and how you can slip when you have such an experienced opposition such as GERB,” said Parvan Simeonov.

He pointed out that Prime Minister Kiril Petkov and the Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev and their close associates are a bit naive.

“They bring renewal and reformation and people like that. It may not be the most reformist government, but in any case, they will try to be a modernization project. And as such, people will see it. And it will bring them success among the population.” predicts the head of Gallup.

The clash will be between the progressive-Western and a slightly more Balkan, conservative understanding of politics. The main topics of division in our society will be Ukraine, North Macedonia, and the coronavirus. These divisions also exist in the coalition, Simeonov explained.