I recommend the stringent anti-Covid measures be applied nationwide. That’s what The State Chief Health Inspector, Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev told bTV. The number of infected continues to grow. The cities that are in the red zone are Pazardzhik, Haskovo, and Silistra. Between 1,500 to 2,000 cases will be registered there daily, Kunchev predicts.

In his words, the main problem is the shortage of medical staff, and this is a key factor, he said. 20-30% of nurses are in retirement age.

“The goal of vaccines is to reduce to a minimum the likelihood of the severe course of the disease,” Kantardzhiev said, pointing to today’s rally organized against the anti-epidemic measures, with slogans from two centuries ago.

Regarding the need for a third jab, Kantardzhiev clarified the position against WHO as taken on ethical grounds, since much of Africa has not been vaccinated at all and Europeans will be taking the third dose.”

He is of the opinion that mild illness and two doses of the vaccine give sufficient immunity. It is a known fact that antibodies level falls over time, but cellular immunity remains. When encountered with the virus, this cellular immunity remains active and begins to quickly produce cells that generate new antibodies. He believes the measures should have been tightened at the end of July. The vaccination issue should also have been addressed. Prof. Kantardzhiev is of the opinion that the health ministry’s plan, good or bad, must be respected. The Education Ministry’s decision to start the school year in person is correct. He pointed out that our country is again at the top of the COVID-19 mortality ranking in Europe.

Earlier today, Prof . Ilko Getov – Representative of Bulgaria at the European Medicines Agency said that our country is at the level of vaccination coverage of the third world countries. He expects things to escalate after the summer vacation season ends and the new school starts.