Study Reveals Bulgarian Public’s Limited Awareness of Constitution Changes Politics | December 5, 2023, Tuesday // 14:20 Send to KindleBulgaria: Study Reveals Bulgarian Public’s Limited Awareness of Constitution Changes According to a survey titled “Public Attitudes to Changes in the Constitution,” conducted by the Bulgarian Institute for Legal Initiatives (BILI), the public has minimal knowledge about the proposed constitutional amendments.

The study, presented at a BTA press briefing by BILI Director Bilyana Gyaurova-Wegertseder, aimed to gauge Bulgarians’ awareness of the amendment process and their opinions on proposed changes. Undertaken by the Global Metrics agency from November 10 to 21, the survey included over 1,000 respondents. Results showed that approximately 35% of participants deemed only partial changes necessary, while nearly 32% were uncertain. About 14.4% believed no alterations were needed, and 18.7% advocated for an entirely new constitution.

Furthermore, around 27% expressed concerns about convening a Grand National Assembly, while nearly 48% had limited knowledge of the proposed amendments, and only 5% were well-informed. Key areas of interest for constitutional modifications included judicial reforms, mechanisms for prosecutor general investigations, and the selection criteria for independent regulatory leadership. The survey also revealed that 74.6% opposed changing the national holiday from March 3 to May 24. Director Gyaurova-Wegertseder emphasized the need for additional time to educate the public on the proposed constitutional changes, as the survey results indicated a lack of public understanding.