Former military officer Lyuben Grigorov from Bosilegrad is the Bulgarian detained for espionage in Serbia, BNT reported. According to the sources of the public media, Lyuben Grigorov is the Bulgarian arrested yesterday for espionage in Bosilegrad.

His house and workplace at the local Cultural Center were raided. There was an increased police presence in the area until this morning. Local media reported that Grigorov was detained for 30 days for espionage. In Bosilegrad, Lyuben Grigorov worked as an organizer of cultural events.

He led a folklore festival. According to BNT sources, he had a close relationship with the mayor of Bosilegrad.

During the war in the former Yugoslavia, he was an officer in the army, after which he started doing business. From there he moved to the local cultural center. He often traveled to Bulgaria, where his daughter lives.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov confirmed that a Bulgarian citizen has been detained in Serbia and charges have been brought against him, but without specifying what exactly they are. According to him, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is about to request official information on the case.