On December 14, 2021 in Sofia Tech ParkPowers Summit will be the first face-to-face meeting between the new government, business leaders, and the civil sector for constructive and operational dialogue with the new government.

“Bulgarian Davos” aims to invest the collective intelligence of the country in creating sustainable solutions for the future of Bulgaria.

The first public meeting of the government with business, science, and the civil sector was supported by a large number of industry associations and civil society organizations in the fields of education, healthcare, cyber security, finance, energy, and the green deal. Along with these topics, the Development and Sustainability Plan will be the focus of the 2021 Forum.

Nova TV, Darik Radio and 24 Chasa, and all leading media in the country will have their own studios and journalists in order to cover live broadcasts and interviews with participants.

The organizers of the Powers Summit are the Webit Foundation and the Atlantic Club in Bulgaria.

“With the Webit Foundation, which has been working for the benefit of modern Bulgaria for 16 years, putting it on the world technological map, we decided to dream together – what happens if business, civil society and science have a transparent public channel to discuss important issues. “The best concrete ideas from the discussions will find a place in the final document that this meeting will offer to the new generation of politicians in Bulgaria,” said Dr. Solomon Passy, ​​president of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria.

“Powers Summit imposes an entirely new format for a meeting between the government and the Bulgarian business, science and civil sector.” said Dr. Plamen Rusev, chairman of the Webit Foundation and co-organizer of the Powers Summit. “Together with the Atlantic Club, which symbolizes a number of achievements of Bulgaria and democracy in our country for the last 30 years and with many of the branch organizations of Bulgarian industry we took responsibility to build a platform for transparent and open dialogue between government, business, science and civil society.Thus, we all together offer clear rules, format and high standard, which aims to establish hygiene in communication between government and business, a place for open dialogue, predictability and security for all participants, in the name of the desired future of Bulgaria. ” added Rusev.

The Bulgarian Davos is held on December 14, 2021 in Sofia Tech Park.