Gazprom increased its gas exports to Bulgaria by 43.8%.

The company’s deliveries to foreign countries have increased to 171.5 billion cubic meters, which is 6.6% (10.6 billion cubic meters) more than in the same period in 2020.

The company increased gas supplies to Turkey (by 83.7%), Germany (by 16.8%), Italy (by 19.5%), Romania (by 221.8%), Serbia (by 85.8%) , Bulgaria (by 43.8%), Poland (by 7.5%), Greece (by 12.2%), Slovenia (by 53.9%) and Finland (by 9.1%).

Greece, Slovenia, Switzerland, the Republic of North Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina were added to the countries to which Gazprom has already exported more gas than in the whole of 2020 (Germany, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia) since the second half of November.

Gas supplies to China via the Power of Siberia pipeline are also increasing. As of November 2, daily deliveries to China exceed Gazprom’s daily contractual obligations by more than a third.

Deliveries from the gas transmission system to the domestic market increased by 15.8% (30.4 billion cubic meters).

According to Gas Infrastructure Europe, the volume of active gas in European underground storage facilities as of November 29 is 23.4% (20.8 billion cubic meters) less than last year. More than 18% of the amount pumped during the summer has already been withdrawn. From 16 to 18 November and from 23 to 25 November are the European daily records for the withdrawal of gas from underground gas storage facilities for the entire observation period.

Gazprom continues to fill five European underground storage facilities with its gas.