Today is the first day of the Webit Foundation’s Powers Summit forum. The topics of this year’s forum “Bulgarian Davos” are technology, education, finance, and healthcare.

This is Kiril Petkov’s first public appearance as prime minister and the new government’s first meeting with business. Petkov outlined the most important priorities that the government will pursue to achieve high economic growth.

“When we create added value, it is not created by the state, it is created by businesses. Business leaders must work with young scientists, create added value, this added value must create tax revenues that come to the state. We, the politicians, have only two tasks – one is that this money does not go in the wrong direction and therefore our call is for zero corruption, and the second – when we spend it, to make sure that it is invested in Bulgaria,” said Petkov.

Kiril Petkov called on Bulgarian Businesses to Introduce Green Certificates

The new rulers will invest in “education of the future”, Petkov said. The other goal is to achieve successful health care – in this, in addition to the state and business must play a major role.

“From today on, we must raise the level of vaccination, and my first order will be for everyone in the Council of Ministers to enter with a green certificate, and I hope this will happen in all ministries. Do the same in your businesses,” he said.

The Minister of Education said that the biggest problem facing the education system is that it must continue to work in a pandemic, but this should not be an excuse, but to consider improving the quality of education in our country.

“As for the content, we continue to be focused exclusively on facts, the reproduction of facts and this thing needs to change, so we have a competency approach, but it is simply not implemented in practice. So in the coming months, together with our partners and the social partners and NGOs – all those who can help in this process, we must change the content, especially in textbooks,” said Denkov.

The new Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov drew attention to the high electricity prices both for business and more broadly – whether they will affect everyday life and what measures can be taken to control them in the context of the Green Deal. According to him, attention should be paid to the criticism that Brussels has made about the Recovery Plan.

“If I have to give only one priority of the energy system, it is accountability and transparency. Even the ongoing discussion by the EWRC – my opinion is that they should be much better communicated and justified with all stakeholders,” said Nikolov.

Other ministers of innovation and growth Daniel Lorer are expected within the forum, later the new Minister of Transport Nikolay Sabev will join, and in conclusion the Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev will speak.