Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelova took part in the inspection of sites in Sunny Beach offering excursions. The inspections were carried out jointly with experts from the CPC and the Economic Police on signals that an unregulated activity took place. It turned out that many of the small tourists did not offer the mandatory insurance to guarantee the safety of the tourists. That is why some of them will be removed, NOVA informs.The insurance should be in a prominent place in order to know each client how much they can get compensation when canceling or declining travel.In the first room there is a lack of compulsory insurance for tour operator activity and this will be immediately reported to the specialized expert commission at the ministry for eventual deletion of the company, informs the minister. In addition, a change in the circumstances of the activity has been noted, which will also be immediately checked and if an infringement has been committed, it will be added to the first.In the second site of the sea side alley there is a lack of prominent place of valid business insurance, which is a mandatory requirement by law. The tourist must be informed of the services he/she pays. If the insurance really fails, a sanction will be imposed, the minister said.In the third site the documents proved to be perfect, Minister Angelkova said and warned that the inspections would continue intensively. For a year and a half because of such violations, we have over 350 tour operators removed, “she said.In answer to journalistic questions about the amendments to the Law on the Structure of the Black Sea Coast, Minister Angelkova commented that the part of the law on administrative sanctions was launched for discussion two years ago with all the interested parties. The aim is to protect the dunes and to stop all the disturbances we have encountered, especially for unprotected beaches, to sanction the sanctions and to impose penalties. Between the first and second reading, MPs proposed the regulation of the campsite, proposing four departments to prepare an ordinance detailing the relevant regulation. We have never been against the campsite, and we have always sought a broad dialogue to allow this type of tourism to develop according to the rules, the minister was categorical. We must all keep them in order to be able to protect nature. Immediately we will initiate a dialogue with colleagues to hear all the proposals and to adopt the best solution, Minister Angelkova said.