The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is 75% complete, the project’s operator, Nord Stream 2 AG, said in a statement released today. A total of 1,855 kilometers of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline were built along the bottom of the Baltic Sea in the waters of Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Germany. That’s about 75 percent of the total length of the pipeline, the release said.

Nord Stream 2 AG is launching the final quarter. The pipeline has been completed in the waters of Germany and Finland. The laying of pipes continues in the territorial waters of Russia. Construction work on the coastal sections in Germany and Russia is at an advanced stage, the company reports.

The head of Gazprom, Russia’s gas giant Alexey Miller, also confirmed progress on the activities, noting that work on the final fourth phase of the project has begun.

The pipeline is planned to cross territorial waters or exclusive economic zones of Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia, and Sweden. Denmark remains the only country that has so far not agreed to build Nord Stream 2.

The project is being implemented by Gazprom together with five European companies – ENGIE, OMV, Royal Dutch Shell, and German Uniper and Wintershall.

Nord Stream 2 has met with frustration from a number of countries, most notably Ukraine. Kiev claims that through the implementation of the project, Moscow will limit revenues for the country from the supply of blue fuel.

The United States, which is trying to sell more liquefied gas to its allies, insists that North Stream 2 will make Europe dependent on Russia.