The support rate for one eligible hectare under the Payment Scheme for agricultural practices that are favorable for the climate and the environment for the 2020 Campaign amounts to BGN 133.82 per hectare, the press center of the Ministry of Agriculture announced.

The Ministry of Agriculture reminds that the Green Direct Payment Scheme is mandatory for implementation by the Member States and by farmers receiving payments under the Single Area Payment Scheme (SAPS).

The State Fund for Agriculture will pay the funds to farmers under the scheme on Friday, April 23.

Nearly BGN 2.9 billion are provided to support agricultural producers this year. They are to finance direct area payments, market measures, the Rural Development Program (RDP 2014-2020) and the Maritime and Fisheries Program 2014-2020.

Of these, BGN 2.6 billion are at the expense of the EU and BGN 247 million are from the national budget.

Over BGN 731 million are provided for rural development. Mainly the payments will be directed under measure 4 “Investments in tangible assets”, measure 6 “Development of the economy and economic activity”, measure 7 “Basic services and renewal of villages in rural areas” and measure 19 Leader.

Under the direct payments from the RDP, BGN 393 million are set, which will cover the areas of agroecology and climate, organic farming and Natura 2000, as well as measure 21 to deal with the consequences of COVID-19.

Nearly BGN 1.6 billion have been allocated under the single area payment scheme, as well as coupled payments for animals, fruits, vegetables and others.

Under the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Program 2014-2020, BGN 38 million have been estimated.

More than BGN 114 million are provided for market measures, including the National Beekeeping Program, the School Fruit Scheme, the School Milk Scheme, the National Program for Support of the Wine and Wine Sector, Vine Restructuring, Promotional Programs and others schemes.