Starting today, every citizen can download the mobile application for free to share their health status with the National Operations Headquarters, health authorities and their GP. The idea is to collect data on people’s health. The application will necessarily include data from patients with confirmed COVID-19, regardless of how the disease developed – whether the person recovered or died. All other citizens can voluntarily enter their data to get into statistics.

The application has specialized software for analysis and visualization through geographical maps. It introduces personal data, and can introduce chronic diseases. Anyone who wishes can enter data on symptoms of the disease. This will allow GPs to know what their patients are currently experiencing. The system liaises between the different institutions – RHI, GPs, laboratories, hospitals, MI, fire department.

“The application code will be published so that everyone can see what’s in it. We will choose whether to send information about our location alone,” Software Group Manager Kalin Radev explained to Nova TV. He added that data is being automatically exchanged between institutions so that the Interior Ministry can immediately see if someone is entered in the register. “In terms of personal data, only the personal identification number and information about a potential symptom are transmitted through the application. A code will be published to see what the application does with the data in question. All of the data is under the auspices of the Information Services. The National Integrator is currently operating the same data,” Radev explained.