Bulgaria’s Minister of Health, Prof. Kostadin Angelov, on April 7, convened an extraordinary meeting of the National Vaccination Headquarters in connection with the information provided by the European Medicines Agency regarding the Oxford vaccine.

There are 62 cases of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis among the recipients of 25 million doses in the EU and the UK, said Bogdan Kirilov, executive director of the Medicines Agency.

The vaccination with Astra Zeneca will continue. In our country, it will be applied with caution among women under 60 years of age, because the rare cases of thrombosis were mostly reported in this age group. Guidance from the European Medicines Agency is also expected.

All adverse reactions were reported after the first dose.

Before the administering of the first dose, the women under 60 years of age will be carefully examined to check if they are smokers, if they are overweight, if they are taking contraceptives.

Those who have already received the first dose, will receive the second.