Mariya Gabriel will talk to the other parties

The European Commissioner for Innovation, Scientific Research, Culture, Education and Youth Mariya Gabriel is the nominee for Prime Minister of GERB-SDS. The news was announced by Boyko Borissov from the parliamentary rostrum.

Gabriel will hold meetings with other political parties in an attempt to form a regular government after meeting legal deadlines related to her work in the European Parliament.

“We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria”: Gabriel’s nomination changes nothing

“The name of the prime minister does not change anything, we do not trust the entire GERB party, and not individual individuals in it”, Daniel Laurer from “We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria” told journalists in the parliament today. He added that the formation is still in a position not to support a GERB cabinet and not to participate in a government with Borissov’s party.

WCC-DB will not offer its candidates for ministers to the candidate for Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel. Laurer emphasized that the main goal of the formation is to prevent GERB representatives from entering the executive branch.

“There Is Such a People” will not give support based only on the name of the prime minister

“Any support for GERB goes through in-depth conversations about priorities. The personality is sufficiently proven in Europe, but I don’t know what will be the ideas and priorities of the first political force that bears the responsibility”. This is what Stanislav Balabanov, the MP from “There Is Such a People” told journalists in the parliament on the occasion of the nomination of Mariya Gabriel for prime minister from GERB-SDS.

According to him, persons with expertise should enter the government. “We cannot talk about support at the moment. There will still be talks. Individuals are their own individuals, but in the end the policies behind which they stand are important. It is too early to comment on whether we will propose ministers in a GERB government,” added Balabanov.

Donev: Mariya Gabriel is a good, thoughtful choice for Prime Minister

“We already know the name of the candidate for the Prime Minister. I hope that by the end of the week we will also know the names of the candidates for ministers”. This was stated by acting Prime Minister Galab Donev.

“My expectations for forming a regular government are particularly high”, Donev said.

Manfred Weber: We welcome the nomination of Mariya Gabriel as a candidate for Prime Minister of Bulgaria

“We warmly welcome the nomination of Mariya Gabriel as a candidate for Prime Minister of Bulgaria”. This was stated by Manfred Weber – chairman of the EPP.

“She has the experience and international authority to overcome the political deadlock in Sofia. Full support for our sister parties GERB-SDS in putting the interests of the country first”, adds Weber.