It is early to say what the priorities in the 2020 Budget will be, but it certainly includes the planned 10% increase in public administration salaries, as well as a double increase in teacher salaries. This was guaranteed by the Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov in the Council of Ministers after the end of the meeting, when he was asked about the priorities for next year.

“These are the two sure things, the deadline is by the end of this month, there are scheduled talks with my fellow ministers,” Goranov told the media. He also said that in September there was an excess of expenses by BGN 150 million, which in turn increases the expenses for the nine months of the year. They amount to just over BGN 1.2 billion.

“But much of the investment costs have been accumulated at the end of the year, so we don’t expect the budget to surprise us negatively, and we are moving in the context of updating it,” the finance minister explained.