The Regional Tourism Chamber in Burgas reported a 13.7% decrease of tourists on the Southern Black Sea coast this year.

The largest outflow of tourists is from Germany – about 50%, while the drop in the number of Russian tourists is 25%, BNR adds.

“395,000 foreign tourists visited the South Black Sea during the peak month of August. However, this is a decline by 25% compared to the last year. The regional tourist board reports that the reduced prices of tourist packages in the middle of the season are a mistake,” said the chairman of the branch organization Ivan Ivanov. “The reduced currency prices of the tourist packages led to the redirection of the low-paid tourist audience – from our competitors to the destination Bulgaria,” he explained.

The branch organization warns that if trade policy towards individual tourism markets does not improve, the next tourist season will be even weaker.

“What are the most worrying trends – the massively unsigned business contracts for the 2020 season. There is only one conclusion. If the state does not deal specifically with tourism issues, as the ministry deals only with beaches, we will be in an extremely difficult situation in 2020 once again, ”Ivanov added.