About one-fifth of adult Bulgarians are already fully vaccinated. Another fifth – not yet, but say they will have a jab – are likely to delay vaccination because of a medical condition. However, there are also 45% who have neither vaccinated nor intend to do so. Among them are mostly young representatives of ghettoized and marginalized communities. There are also about a tenth who do not make it or do not want to answer the question of vaccination. The data are from the regular, independent survey of the 30-year program of Gallup International Balkan, conducted between 2 and 10 September by the face-to-face method.

Thus, in the end, our society finds itself divided into two halves: one has vaccinated itself or claims to do so, and the other has neither vaccinated nor intends to do so. And some of those who say they will get vaccinated may be sharing their own expectations, not giving a sincere answer.