In the festive December of 2020, when the restrictive measures from the second national blockade were in force, 59% of hotel managers in the country reported a decrease in revenues from their activities compared to the previous month, and 30.9% indicated that there was no change.

This is shown by a survey conducted by the National Statistical Institute among the managers of the accommodation establishments. Under the last restrictive measures from the end of last year, the hotels and restaurants to them had the right to work.

In the last month of last year, 52.6% of respondents considered offering their customers an alternative period for using the reservations, 61.4% intended to reduce the price of a package of services, and 48.9% – per night. Accommodation facilities that have benefited from government measures to support employers continue to increase, reaching 34.6% in December 2020 compared to 31.8% in the previous month.

 Regarding their short-term future activity in December, 45.6% of managers plan to continue with their current activity, although with a reduced volume, 30.7% of them plan to continue working, 19.2% plan to temporarily cease their activities, and 2.7% predict their termination. In the short term (over the next month), 47.2% of managers predict that they will be able to service “up to 50%” of operating costs with their own funds, 31.1% will not be able to manage on their own, and 21, 2% of respondents indicate that they will succeed “up to 100%”.