The initial teacher’s salary from January becomes BGN 1,260, announced today the Minister of Education Krassimir Valchev, quoted by BNT. However, work must also be done to increase the lowest salaries in the field of higher education.

In 10 years, the average teacher’s salary has jumped by 400%. From about 450 leva in 2009, to 1750 in 2021, when it will be higher than the national average of 1500 leva.

Valchev attended a conference of the Bulgarian Teachers’ Union. He noted that the increased salaries in the sector have brought many young teachers, there are almost no vacancies, and the numbers for pedagogy students have been filled.

The average age of the Bulgarian teacher has also changed – from 53 a few years ago, to 49 now.

The Minister also commented on the already allowed school trips – however, they will be up to a week and it is recommended that they be in June. All security measures must be observed.